How to Get More Followers on Instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Most integrated marketing campaigns include social media, and by now you’ve probably launched an Instagram account for your company. It is a fact that if you have an Instagram account, you will look for ways on how you can get followers to your account. Do you have a growing list of followers? If not, try these proven tips buy instagram followers and extend your brand presence online.

Follow Others:

You’re promoting your Instagram account on your website, in your email and print media, encouraging others to follow you, but remember that your brand can follow others as well. By following other Instagram users, you’re more likely to get them to follow you, and your list will grow. Just make sure you’re following relevant consumers because the quality is ultimately more important than quantity. You don’t want to follow 1,000 random people to only gain 300 of your followers. Try to keep an equal ratio of Followers to Following. Therefore instead of uploading your videos and photos and you expect people to follow you, you must expose yourself so that anyone can access your posts.

You have to search for various brands and users on Instagram which have the same interests as you, so that you can like, comment and then start sharing their videos and photos. You can even start following Instagram influencers and stars, try to engage them. In addition to this, you can try to look for tags which have some tags like #follow, #Ilovemyfollowers, #TagForLikes, and #shoutouts.

Create Lists:

You can group your followers into different lists which makes it easier for others using Instagram to find them. For example, you can create lists such as Health Experts or Smart Bloggers, and by including people in lists, you are complimenting them on their expertise. The great thing about lists is you don’t have to follow somebody to add them on your lists. And once included in your list, those people are more likely to follow you. Plus, organizing the Web this way benefits everybody, right?

Use Hash-tags (#) in Your Updates:

Hash-tags such has, #cancer make it easier for people searching Instagram to find posts about that specific topic, such as cancer. By including hash-tags in your posts, you are exposing your posts to an entirely new audience that is searching Instagram for that topic. If your posts are excellent and relevant, you’ll pick-up good follower by hash-tagging.

Post Good Content (good enough to re-Post)

Imitation is the highest form of flattery and so is re-Posting. If somebody re-Posts your content to their network of followers, that’s an endorsement and exposure to more potential followers for your brand. In my experience, good content is either very timely or helpful(a link). For example, if you’re announcing a grand opening, that’s timely, but if you also mention free wine and cheese, that’s something Instagram followers are more likely to re-Post to their followers.

Post Regularly (and re-Post as necessary)

According to a study presented by the Harvard Business Review, the top 10% of prolific Instagram users accounted for 90% of all Posts. This gives you some insight into how many Instagram accounts are launched but not supported with content regularly. Post on a regular basis that makes sense for your brand followers. If you run out of ideas on what to Post, then re-Post other relevant content from your followers.
Ask some questions in photo captions

One of the effective and simplest ways that you can use in getting more followers on the videos and photos that you post will be asking some simple questions at the caption. This will be able to increase your comments and also your likes.
You have to share the images which many people are able to relate to

When I look at the many of the Instagram accounts, I do notice that they have a common theme. You will find that all the photos and videos in these accounts are easy for you to relate to and connect. In the same, you have to make sure that your video and photos that you post on Instagram are original, unique and personal. After that you can start to share your photos as a way of establishing a connection with the audience; this can be the best way that you can buy instagram followers.

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