How To Delete An Instagram Account [Permanently]

delete instagram account

How To Delete An Instagram Account [Permanently]

Sometimes it reaches a point where you want to do away with your Instagram account but you are confused on how to delete your account. It’s even more complicated if you’re using the app.

Follow the guide below to erase your Instagram account. Keep in mind that once the deletion has been made, all your images on Instagram will also be erased permanently and your followers wont get information from you, think of other alternatives like disabling your account if you aren’t sure of the step you should take.

Deleting Instagram on an app is impossible, you have to do it through a browser on either a tablet, PC or a smartphone.

Why You Might Want To Delete Your Instagram

I’m going to share with you seven reasons why you should delete your Instagram account;

-It makes time go by: If you’re an often Instagrammer, time moves so quickly. You may end up viewing and checking on other people’s profile while digging deeper to get more info about daily activities.

-You get life behind a screen: Yes, you had a nice shot, yet you didn’t pay more attention to that memory for mind update.

-Privacy is non-existent: You only live a life that is known by everyone. Does not give any second to practice privacy.

-Your life centers around approval: Emphasis is set on being a king at every latest filter, and popularity is all you need. The more you pull more followers and likes, the closer you head to the high table. Peer pressure is never an exception thing here.

-Data goes down the drain: Nothing beats Instagram when it comes to data consumption. Editing and posting photos suck your data quickly like lightning.

-It’s probably making you go crazy: Instagram never stops making you do awkward and weird things.

Things To Think About First

Before deleting your Instagram account here are some crucial things you should pay closer attention to;

-Backup your Photos from Instagram: use Instarchive or Instaport, which have a link to the Instagram user account. Send the compact file holding the photos.

-Once your old photos are in place, it’s now time to make consideration of a new service. There are many alternatives to go for giving competitive service like Instagram, like Yahoo or Flickr.

-Be contended with all reasons why you need to do away with your account: It’s that last point where you want to delete your account for good. Here we go…

How to Delete It

#1. On your browser, visit Instagram’s “delete your account page” and input your Username /Email and Password.

#2. Besides “Why are you deleting your account?” select your preferred reason by selecting using the drop-down. The reasons added are like Too busy/Too distracting’, Privacy concerns’.

#3. Instagram will try as much as they can to keep you by giving you suggestions, although, if you are focused on leaving, you’ll have to re-enter the password on the box given below the reason. You are required to click “Permanent delete my account”. Hurrah! your Instagram account has been deleted permanently.

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