[Problems] Why Does Instagram Keep Logging You Out?

Why Does Instagram Keep Logging You Out?

[Problems] Why Does Instagram Keep Logging You Out?

Instagram remains one of the most popular social media sites. Apart from personal engagements, many users also carry out a number of official businesses from the platform. It can, therefore, be quite frustrating to not be able to access it simply because you are logged out.

According to comments from users at Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/socialmedia), it seems quite a number of people have experienced log out problems at one point or another.

Here are some of the most probable reasons why you are logged out.

1. You Own More than One Account on Instagram

If you are observant enough, most people with Instagram logging complaints usually have more than one account. Having multiple accounts allows you to easily switch from one account to another within the same platform. 

But as convenient as it is, it might not work so well for Instagram; especially if you are using a single password to access the accounts. It is so easy that Instagram gets confused.

Multiple problems can occur. First, it could lead to bug detection, hence making you get logged out. Secondly, a post meant for one specific account might mistakenly and automatically find itself posted on any other of your account. Obviously, it might cause problems in terms of content relevancy.

It is an issue that can easily be fixed. You need to clear your Instagram cache. It helps to refresh all the information that Instagram has stored on your phone. Depending on the make of your device, you can go to the settings tab to access your Instagram app; go to storage, and clear the cache.

Apart from clearing cache, you can also try creating separate passwords for each of your multiple accounts. As hectic and frustrating as it is, it’s a useful method which allows you to access each of your accounts without being logged out so often.

2. Accessing Via a New Phone

To access your Instagram account while using a new phone can easily raise some kind of theft detection alert. You can know that it’s a problem with your phone if you are able to log in from any other device, such as your computer, but not from your new phone.

This issue can also be fixed. You can try by changing your old password with a new one and then log into your account.

3. Interference from Other Apps

Not all apps can work in compatibility with your Instagram app. Izood at (https://instazood.com/why-does-instagram-keep-logging-you-out) states that some apps can have an effect on the functionality of other apps in your device; including your Instagram app.

If you suspect that you have installed an app which is running in conflict with your Instagram app, you need to try and uninstall it. It could unravel the very reason why you are not able to log in.

4. Unintended Slip-Ups

If it’s not the multilayered settings that are causing problems with your account, then it could be a shadowban. A shadowban happens if your account is reported for one reason or another. Maybe you have violated the site’s rules and regulations.

Or your account is suspected to be spam. Normally, you won’t receive notice that your account is banned. Rather, you might just find that you are logged out of the platform.

In this case, you can contact Instagram. The site’s Help center can readily inform you of the reason you are not able to access your account. They can also advise you on restorative measures which allow your account to be up and working once more.


It can be quite frustrating if you meet an error message, and you simply cannot access your Instagram account. The problem is even more compounded if you depend on the account to run your business. You may simply find that you just can’t do your daily chores via your account. 

One of the common reasons for getting logged out so often is if you run multiple accounts on Instagram; the account can detect a bug. It then automatically logs you out.

The good news is that most of the log out problems on Instagram is easily fixable. One of the common solutions includes having to clear the cache on the app. It jugs out every obsolete data while allowing your device to retain all data that is related to your accounts.

You might also try changing your password, especially if you have begun using a different device from the one you usually use to access your accounts.

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