How to Check Direct Messages (DM) on Instagram on Computer?(2019 Version)

How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer?

How to Check Direct Messages (DM) on Instagram on Computer?(2019 Version)

Instagram has captured the fascination of individuals and businesses alike. It is one of the most interactive social media apps which you can use these days. However, it has an inherent flaw. It has been designed for smartphones and mobile users.

In that case, the question which arises is how to check direct messages on Instagram from your PC?

Is there a way to do so?

The answer is yes; there are two different methods that you can choose from if you want to access your direct messages on Instagram PC.

Method 1: Download Instagram for Windows

How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer?

The 1st method involves downloading the Instagram app from the Windows app store. We will highlight this method in a step-by-step fashion below.

  1. You have to open the Windows app store in Windows 10 and download the Instagram app.
  2. The installation instructions are self-explanatory. You have to run it after that.
  3. Once the Instagram Windows app opens, there is a direct message icon visible when you visit anyone’s profile page. It is primarily for sending direct messages.
  4. If you want to read your direct messages, there is an arrow icon above your feed in the PC Instagram App.

Thus, the Windows 10 app of Instagram allows you to send private messages but also read the existing direct messages.

Method 2: Use Bluestacks

Not Satisfied with the above method for some reason?

Worry Not! We have another method for you. We will highlight it below.

  1. You need to first download an android app emulator for PC. The most popular one is BlueStacks. It is available for free and can be downloaded from the official website.
  2. The installation procedure is self-explanatory.
  3. Once installed on your PC, you have to open it and click the right arrow button on the welcome screen.
  4. You will then require to enter your Google account credentials.
  5. Once you complete that, you need to click on the search option.
  6. You have to type Instagram and click on its app icon once it shows up. After that, the installation procedure is the same as on your smartphone.
  7. Since BlueStacks emulates the android operating system, the entire interface of the Instagram app is the same as on your smartphone. The difference is that you can install Bluestacks and Mobile Instagram app by extension on your Macbook or Windows.
  8. After the installation, you can launch the Instagram app and enter your credentials.
  9. Once you do so, the app interface is exactly like the one on your smartphone. There is an arrow above the feed, which will take you to the conversations section.
  10. In case you want to send someone a direct message, there will be the option to do so in their profile as well.

Thus, Bluestacks offers you complete smartphone functionality of the Instagram app on your PC.

Are you an avid Instagram user?

Now, you can use the Instagram app right on your PC. With full functionality, you will not have to worry about missing out on direct messages or feed updates. You can try out any of the about two methods to check direct messages on Instagram.

So, what are you waiting for?

Irrespective of the method which you choose, it will just take you a couple of minutes to set up the Instagram app with complete functionality on your PC. It is time that you enjoy your favorite social media app from your PC as well.

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